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A video document is a well-planned and designed presentation. Likewise, anybody related to the professional video-making process knows how much efforts need to put, casting, productions need. Even if a simple, casual video also needs some vital things in head & hand to make it complete consequently. But the world has gone so far that you only need nothing but some writings to own your video! 


London-based company, Synthesia is just as like as the other ten companies but with a significant purpose. They are serving us the output as a video while taking from us just writeups. Isn’t it so interesting? Synthesia, founded in 2017, initiated with its mission to take the lead in utilizing AI meanwhile. With the help of AI, they are relentlessly creating brand new content that tools you haven’t witnessed before. The powerful combination of tools brings essential purposes in making videos indeed.


1. Choose your suitable presenter from the given list, or you can create your own.

2. Now, write your script down. Synthesia accepts almost 40 languages. 

3. In this last step, your video will be created shortly. You can then download and stream the video.

Top companies such as Reuters, WPPAccentureBBC, etc., trust this startup and its services.

Key Features

Convert texts into videos

-Undoubtedly the most attractive feature of Synthesia is to transform the simple, plain text into a quality video that looks professionally accepted. Also, videos can extend up to 5 min long. 

Customized avatars

-You can create your presenter. It will take only 5 minutes to complete that is an add-on paid feature.


-Synthesia currently supports around 40 different languages. They also add more accents, voices to the platform in recent times.

AI presenters

-You have the full independence to choose your suitable presenters. They are always adding more new presenters to enrich the list.

Custom background

-Convenience is to set your favorite background in your video. Upload here easily any image (ideal resolution 1920×1080). Also, Synthesia also has created free slide templates. 

Audio uploads

-Upload your recorded real voice clips to sync and make videos with your AI presenter. But this add-on audio feature is only available in the enterprise edition. 

Background music

-Synthesia has a list of background music. You can freely add these as your video’s background music.

Mp4 downloads

-All of the videos they output as a Full HD resolution (1920×1080). 

Video-sharing pages

-You will get a dedicated video sharing page for each video that is so easy to share with anyone. 


-The translation is so quick and easy within this app. It enables the creation to convert the same video into multiple languages. 

Updating your video

-Synthesia allows you to duplicate your previous videos, change the texts, and update them as a new video.

Multiple sliding

-You can combine here multiple Synthesia videos in a single video.

Synthesia API

-Team Synthesia provides advanced API to build more engaging, powerful, and customized experiences also.

The use cases of Synthesia API-


Corporate communications

Visual chatbots

E-commerce Videos at Scale

Regular video news


The price plan includes personal & corporate.

Personal ($30) includes,

Ten video credits/month

Text to video

Up to 40 different Languages

6 AI presenters

Customizable backgrounds

Background music

MP4 downloads

Video sharing pages

Update video content

Video backgrounds 

Multi-clip videos

Corporate ( price depends on your needs & use cases) includes,

Minimum 200 video credits/month

All Personal plan features

Priority support

Audio uploading

Access to premium services

Custom avatar

API access

The Review


Victor Riparbelli, the cofounder of Synthesia, has tried many ways to portray Synthesia better. Recently, this startup has collaborated with the British football legend- David Beckham also. Moreover, in that malaria-based campaign, the Synthesia team manipulated Beckham's facial expressions. For that, his presentation was able to deliver the speech in 9 different languages. Synthesia is currently in the growing phase, and after it releases the full-features with more improvement, it will be at the peak and one of the popular AI-driven text-to-video converters indeed.


  • Getting 40+ languages
  • Enriched list in choosing AI presenter
  • Merging multiple videos
  • Customizable avatar
  • Background music
  • Translation


  • Somehow, the AI presenters facial expression looks artificial
  • No free trial
  • 4K videos are not available

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