Get First Access to Pre-Token Markets with prePO


SINGAPORE, March 17, 2023 /THETECHMUSK=TTM/ — prePO, which lets anyone go long or short on pre-public tokens, has announced that early deposits will open commencing this week on Arbitrum.

This will be a way to get guaranteed access to prePO’s initial pre-public markets, with the platform estimated to launch in the following weeks. These initial markets will be nominated and voted on by PPO token holders and the wider public, and could cover a variety of web3 projects, including Arbitrum ($ARB), StarkWare ($STRK), MetaMask, zkSync, OpenSea, and more.

As a further bonus, early depositors (up to a deposit cap) will receive prePO token incentives, and will automatically earn ETH staking yield via an integration with Lido.

When prePO launches, retail investors will finally have access to opportunities that venture capitalists, institutional investors, and private equity firms have enjoyed exclusively for decades.

Those interested in participating can learn more via the official announcement.

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